Pack up early before you list

 Selling your home soon? 

Selling Tip - Pack Early before you listStart packing now, before you sell. Why? Homeowners who have lived in one place for more than a few years tend to save “things” – lots and lots of “things”.

Boxes tend to pile up on closet shelves, in the attic, basement or garage. Magazines which should have been tossed long ago, stack up on the living room floor. Porcelain frogs, and pewter figurines seem to multiply, covering every inch of shelf space. Personal items occupy more and more of the bathroom counter top.

To be attractive to buyers, the home should be made as presentable and uncluttered as possible. Thus, an important step in selling a home is a pre-move packing spree. Begin by removing all unneeded cartons, clothing and other items from closets. Pack everything securely in boxes for moving, everything that is not absolutely essential to day-to-day activities. Stack the boxes neatly in the garage. Collectibles should also be removed and packed, protected safely from breakage. Staging your home will help make your home less distracting for buyers.

Remove extra sets of dishware, pots and pans, glasses, utensils and silverware from kitchen drawers and cabinets. Leave only the bare essentials, neatly organized. Clean the bathrooms and medicine cabinets thoroughly, getting rid of outdated medicines, shampoos, and old sheets and towels.

Want to enjoy an early sale at the best possible price when you sell your home? A favorable first impression made on buyers could be the key!j0433178

If you seem to get overwhelmed easily, I have a solution. Take 1 room at a time and de-clutter it and pack the items you will not be needing until after you move. This way the task doesn’t seem so daunting. I have a 3 bag system. I bag is for giveaway, 2nd bag is for store-way and the 3rd is for selling. Set up a garage sale and sell all the things you will never use again. You know, all the things you always thought you would use but never got around to it.

This system seems to work for most people.

Give me a call if you want my selling resource guide. In it are ways to make your move an easier task! 916-759-2147

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