5 Quick tips when selling your home

 Here’s how you get started

De-clutter your storage areas: New home buyers look for lots of storage. Especially closets, pantries, and garage areas. Organize and minimize all of your items that are in storage.

  1. Your closet: Pack away all of your out of season clothing and shoes to make De Clutter your home beofre you sellyour closet look more open. Organize the shelves as well. Go through your pantry and downsize what you have in there. Start to use up some of the food so that it is not overfilled. Organize your garage and pack away anything you will not need while your home is listed for sale. And finally, consider renting out a storage unit for a few months. This way you can start your packing right away.
  2. Keep your pet and their stuff in check: Nothing is less appealing than seeing water bowls or cat towers in a home. Store away extra pet stuff and make sure you put the pet evidence away while you show your home. Reduce their presence by storing away toys and beds. Make sure you accommodate your pets some way while showing your home to buyers. Have a friend or family member take your pet while you are showing the home. Or arrange showings when you can secure your pet to be out of the home. Most importantly, make sure to eliminate pet odors by deep cleaning any carpets. If you plan to replace your carpet and have had excessive pet stains, remember to eliminate any odors from the floor structure by sealing it with a paint sealant odor blocker. I have seen people replace their carpets and pads to only be disappointed that a potential buyers say, I can smell pet odors.
  3. Preparing a Home For SaleDe-personalize your home:  Over decorated homes don’t usually appeal to the masses. Keep your home toned down with décor, picture of the family and replace with tasteful art. The more conventional your decorations, the more likely your home will appeal to all buyers. Hide all bathroom items. I recommend you put your shampoos, lotions and makeup in bins and store under the bathroom sinks.
  4. Interview your real estate agent:  The most important step in selling your home for the best price and in the desired timeline is to hire the right agent. I’m dedicated to helping you sell your home with the right help — contact me today to set up a time for us to discuss your selling needs.

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