If you plan to sell you home in the near future, here is what buyers needs are for a home.

Generation Xers were born between 1960 and 1980 — now between the ages of 34 and 54-years-old.

Generation Xers value family time above all else and the home is the central hub of family activity, offering a place to connect and unwind from a busy day. Family entertainment rooms or open floor plans would appeal to Xers.

51% have a child living in the house under the age of 18. 21% as an aging parent or in-law living in the house. 45% Homes with separate living areas would be a plus for this for Ge Xers.  A teenager or aging parent would love separate living areas, maybe you would too!

A smart home would appeal to over 45% of Generation Xers. The ablity to monitor their home is important to them while they are away from the home. Having smart features such as temperature control, smart security, self-monitored home security system, and smart lighting systems.

Activities enjoyed by Generation Xers include: 53% Gardening, 71% cooking, 67% organizing, 66% Grilling-Barbecuing, 51% DIY projects, 41% entertaining friends and family.

Homes with outdoors seating for Bar B Qs, extra garage space for projects, open concept floor plans and open kitchens are very appealing for  buyers in this group.

Talk with a Realtor who knows what buyers are looking for so they can help you transform your home to appeal to the most buyers. A lot can be done with proper staging.


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