Show Off Your Home

Steps to sell your home for top dollar


Things you can do to maximize the appeal of your home to get top dollar

Steps to sell your home for top dollarSellers don’t realize that their home is in a beauty contest. When you choose the price to sell your home, buyers will compare your home with other homes on the market with ones that have already sold. If your home is better than the competition, then you are justified to get more money for your home!  Simply as that.  Can you imagine a beauty contestant going down the aisle without any makeup, with messy hair and a soiled gown??  By all means no.  You see, buyers have a hard time envisioning themselves living in your home if it’s not prepared to sell, or at least looking its best.

That is where a good listing specialist comes in. A Realtor who specializes in listings will spend time with you preparing your home for top dollar. Sellers don’t realize that the time they spend on prepping their home for sale will reward them with higher sales prices. It has been proven that when a house is staged to sell, that it will achieve higher sales prices. That is good news.

Here are some tips you can do to SHOW OFF YOUR HOME!

1.   SHOW OFF your home like a product:  Pretend it is no longer your home. It is a product that you are selling and you want it to appeal to the majority of the buyers out there.

  • By letting go of your home you are saying hello to the next chapter in your life.
  • Prepare to be inconvenienced somewhat. Selling a home is a distraction for sure. It is hard to keep it looking good all the time. This will be over soon… so you will get through it. This is temporary.
  • If you have children who are not happy about the move, start them dreaming.  Make plans on what they will have in their new rooms so they can start to dream in order to look forward to the move.

2.   SHOW OFF the home not your family: De-personalize your house.  Buyer’s have a hard time envisioning themselves in your house with all of your pictures on the walls. Take down all the pictures and posters in the kid’s rooms. Again, when buyers have visions of their new bedrooms, we want them to picture their photos on the walls.

Home Selling Tips for Top Dollar In Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Loomis, Auburn, Penryn, Newcastle3.   SHOW OFF the home, not your stuff:  De-cutter your house. People can accumulate lots of clutter when they have lived in a home for a long time. We all have clutter to different degrees.  What you do with all of your clutter is up to you, but for the sale, it needs to be out of view for the most part. So what do you need to take down?


There are 3 things you will do when De-Cluttering:  

1. THROW AWAY: throw away the junk. 2. GIVE AWAY– give away the things you will no longer use- 3. PACK AWAY- pack all the things that you will not use while you are selling your home. This way, most of your packing will be done!  If you have not used something for over 1 year, now is a time to give it away as you will probably not ever use it.

  • Pack away most of the kick-knacks. All the little decorations that take up space. Store them in a box in your garage for your move. Your Realtor may want to tell you to keep some of the items for staging your home to sell.
  • Clean off your refrigerator, everything on it. No exceptions.
  • Counters clean of appliances. Only choose a few important ones to remain handy.
  • Bathroom counters and bath and showers free of all personal items. Nothing makes buyers feel like they are intruding into your home more than seeing all your makeup and shampoos displayed all over the bathroom. I recommend getting a plastic tub and put all of your products under the sink for easy clean up.
  • De-clutter your furniture. Nothing is more distracting than having lots of stuff on top of your furniture. It takes away from the size of the rooms. You want buyer focusing on the room and not your stuff!
  • De-clutter the outside. Put away the hoses and kids toys. Store the garbage cans so on one can see them from the front of the house.
  • What to do with your clutter: Store neatly in garage, if you have too much stuff then rent a storage unit or POD. If you have not used something in over 1 year, then store it.
  • Pack the things you will not be using while your home is for sale. If you expect to sell your home in the summer, then pack away all the winter items. This way,  you will be able to clear up some space in your closets so they look bigger for the sale. If closets and cabinets are filled to the brim, it appears that your home lacks storage space.

4.   SHOW OFF your space: Buyers will open your cabinets and kitchen drawers. You will want to organize your closets and cabinets. You will appreciate this once your move.

  • Store all the kitchen ware you will not be using so your kitchen will look more organized and less cluttered.
  • Clear off the closet floors with shoes and boxes. Pack those things you will not need.  Listing Agent in Monterey Peninsula Complimentary Staging

5.   SHOW OFF what you are selling: If you want to keep that favorite window treatment or ceiling fan, then take it down and replace it with something else. Once buyers see something in the home, they will want it and feel cheated if you do not include it in the purchase. We have seen deals fall apart because the buyer wanted an item not included in the sale.

6.  SHOW OFF a clean home: A home that is clean appears well taken care of. Buyers will be willing to pay more for a home that is clean as opposed to one that says…. Selling as is!

  • Lighting and bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Doors and trim
  • Base boards
  • Walls
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Floors
  • Grout in kitchen and baths- use bleach pen if grout is white.
  • Pressure wash your home exterior and driveway
  • Shampoo your carpets
  • Keep toilets clean with lids down
  • Re-seal grout if needed
  • Dust furniture and blinds
  • Clean all ceiling fans
  • Take down all cob webs from ceiling and corners of walls

  7.   SHOW OFF a well maintained home- make minor repairs.

  • Repair broken windows and screens
  • Repair broken tiles
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Fix hardware that does not work or is old. Replacing old faucets with newer ones will help the home look more updated.
  • Touch up paint or even repaint rooms with neutral colors. You don’t want buyers referring to your home as “the one with the PURPLE bedroom and the RED kitchen”.
  • Fix sticky doors and cabinets
  • Mow the lawns
  • Clean the pool
  • Put fresh bark on the planters
  • Fertilize the lawn before your sell so your lawn is green
  • Plant flowers for curb appeal
  • Clean out your gutters

Kathy Dyer Monterey Pensula top Listing Agent Certified Stager8.   SHOW OFF a staged home: A home that has been staged using your items will make your home more appealing. Either your Realtor or a stager can help you place your furniture so that your home appears more open and shows off the room and not your furniture.

  • Down-size the amount of furniture you have in a room.
  • Remove throw rugs off the floor- rugs make the rooms look smaller.
  • Rearrange your furniture so that it does not cover up architectural features of your home – like a fire-place or a beautiful view.
  • If your home is sparsely furnished, it is sometimes a good idea to rent some staging furniture to better define a room. If you are using a dining area for an office, it is a good idea to stage it for the purpose of the room.

9.   SHOW OFF for picture day: Things to have ready for picture day

  • Turn on all the lights in the house
  • All cars out of the driveway and the front of the house
  • Garbage cans out of sight
  • Lawns freshly mowed and bushes trimmed
  • Sidewalks, driveway and patios washed
  • Counters cleared away of personal items
  • Mirrors sparkling
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • A copy of your key for the lock box


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